The Southwest Paleontology Society (SPS) maintains Articles and Bylaws which reflect compliance with Internal revenue code section 501(c)3 without the requirement to file form #1023, based upon the following criterion:

  • SPS has a clear charter with the Arizona Museum of Natural History to support public education and to conduct publically held scientific research in the fields of Paleontology and Geology.
  • SPS is no way is involved in political activities of any sort.
  • SPS embraces and enjoys a diversity of members across age, ethnicity, beliefs, and gender.
  • SPS operates with an income of less than $5,000 per year on average.
  • SPS has clear guidelines that upon dissolution of the organization, all assets become the property of the Arizona Museum of Natural History.

All of the above are clearly documented as part of our Articles of Association and Bylaws. More information on the Museum’s documented relationship with the SPS can be found here . Finally, details on societies such as SPS that do not have requirements to file form #1023 can be found here on the IRS website under the section “Organizations Not Required To File Form 1023

Please feel free to print and keep a copy of this document along with your tax deductible donation , which will help us fulfill our Mission of “Enhancing the Arizona Museum of Natural History’s ability to conduct research, fieldwork, public outreach, and education in the field of Paleontology

A fun and new way helping to further study paleontology and geology in the southwest!