SPS Mission Statement

The purpose of SPS is to further the study of  paleontology and geology of the southwestern United States, with emphasis on the state of Arizona. SPS strives to maintain the highest standards of conduct and proficiency in all its activities, whether in the field or in the laboratory. 

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Foundation Mission:
“Empower the Museum to create and deliver innovative experiences and knowledge, so the past can inform the future.”

SPS Mission:
“To enhance the Arizona Museum of Natural History’s ability to conduct research, fieldwork, public outreach, and education in the field of Paleontology” <

“Providing leadership, mentorship, and field training to SPS youth ages 14-17 (Co-ed Venturing Crew #2206) in direct support of the memo-of-understanding between SPS and the Museum to increase scientific knowledge, preservation, and stewardship of the earth’s past”


A fun and new way helping to further study paleontology and geology in the southwest!